Serve Me

Learn the proper way to approach me before contacting me. If you think you’re worthy of serving me, fill out my slave application. If you want to worship me from a distance with the occasional tribute or gift, that’s fine too.


As my slave, your life will revolve around me because I am the one who gives it meaning. I make the rules and you will follow them. You will check in with me often and I will give you tasks and assignments to complete.

Financial domination: Become my pay pig or money slave. If you wish to serve me financially, you will be responsible for paying regular tributes. The amount you choose to pay me will determine how much attention you receive from me. From now on, I control your finances. I will determine how your money is spent or saved.

Adopt a bill: You have the option of adopting one or more of my bills to pay on a monthly basis in place of weekly tributes. Ask for a list of monthly expenses to choose from.

Chastity: I offer keyholding services for a monthly fee. You are responsible for buying a device of your choosing and mailing me the key. I will decide how long you remain locked up. You’re of much more use to me that way. I will require you to complete regular tasks and send me proof of completion. I will make you suffer by teasing you as often as I feel like it. An early release fee is available for losers who can’t stand it any longer.

Blackmail: An initial tribute is required for all blackmail arrangements. You send me your personal info and I will blackmail you into sending me money and humiliating photos for my enjoyment. The blackmail will end after a predetermined amount of time or after you pay a release fee. Fill out my blackmail application.

Regular cam and/or phone sessions will be necessary to continue your training. I also expect you to promote me online as often as possible. You can link to my website, advertise me on social networks, vote for me daily, recruit as many new slaves as possible, and leave excellent reviews and ratings on all of my accounts.